Activision Releases Wizards & Warriors

Though their name rings few bells with most RPGamers, Heuristic Park has quite an impressive track record in the PC sector of the industry. Their titles include three chapters of the Wizardry series, and as of yesterday, hungry PC players have another RPG to feast themselves upon.

Wizards & Warriors, published by Activision, is a first-person RPG of impressive depth and breadth. The plot centers around an evil Pharoah present in the fantasy world of Gael Serran. Legend has it that only the Mavin Sword can vanquish him and bring peace back to the realm. The game features eight character classes (called roles), over 30 skills, and upwards of 50 traits per character, allowing a great deal of customization within the party.

Heuristic Park estimates a whopping 200 hours of game time for its new RPG, and publishing for an suggest retail price of $55. Wizards & Warriors is currently on store shelves everywhere.

by Bill Johnson    
Source: [Heuristic Park]
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