Project Majestic Mix Needs Your Vote

Project Majestic Mix (PMM), for those not in the know, is an American production of Final Fantasy remixes endorsed by Nobuo Uematsu. By letting the fans choose what goes into the collection with polls, contests, and other means, PMM is trying to be the CD by the fans, for the fans.

Now that PMM has reached its required goal (and then some) for production costs, it is time to choose the artwork that will go into this collection. As usual, this decision is made on the KFSS Studios site. All fans will get to vote three times on each of the four categories: Front Cover, Disc Art, Inside Cover, and Back Cover. Be warned, there are many entries, so make sure you have time to check them all out before making your choices.

Stephen Kennedy wanted to say a word to all those who submitted works for the contest: "Before I begin I would like to personally thank all who have taken the time and effort to contribute to this project and fulfill its artistic needs. I am very pleased with all of the entries, and know that voting fans will have a tough time narrowing down their decisions."

Voting ends in three weeks, so to be a part of the release of Project Majestic Mix, rush over to their site and vote as soon possible. Project Majestic Mix can't succeed without the support of the music fans out there.

by Mikel Tidwell    
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