Enix Takes the World by Storm

Hot on the heels of the first Dragon Quest release in Japan in four years, Enix continues to line up the games on both sides of the Pacific. First comes the North American release of the portable ports of Dragon Warrior I & II for the Game Boy Color. Fans from the originals that fell in love with that olde English style may be a bit crestfallen as Enix of America opted not to keep the original translation. Enix admitted that there had to be quite a few changes from the original Japanese story to accomodate the olde style. In order to stay more true with the way Dragon Quest was supposed to be, they chose a different, more standard, localization approach. Dragon Warrior I & II sells for $29.99 and is rated E for Everyone.

Now that all pending Dragon Quest projects are out on the streets, Enix Corporation of Japan announced the next portable port to hit the Game Boy Color, Dragon Quest III. Instead of a straight port this time, Enix couldn't resist in trying to pull in those Pokémon fanatics, adding the ability in the game to collect over 150 Monster Coins. In addition, Enix will also add several mini-games, enhanced graphics, and a quiz that will help define the characteristics of the hero.

While no word was given on if the latest Dragon Quest portable port would see light outside the land of the Rising Sun, Enix of America did tell RPGamer that they will be watching the sales of the first port to judge if there is still a market for the Dragon Warrior series. Based on sales from Dragon Warrior Monsters, and the overwhelming reviews given to Dragon Quest VII, it is likely the remakes will continue here as well for years to come.

by Mikel Tidwell    
Partial Source: [MagicBox]
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