Microsoft Reveals Xbox Logo & Developers

In a press release today, Microsoft announced an impressive list of developers that have signed on to create games for the Xbox, the software giant's freshman foray into console gaming. The announcement should help stir increased interest in the platform when the Tokyo Game Show begins on September 22. The list's heavy hitters include Activision, Bandai, Capcom, Eidos, Konami, Namco, Sierra, and others. All told, more than 150 developers have agreed to produce titles for the Xbox, which suggests a sizable library of games even at the system's launch.

In addition to revealing Xbox's current developer list, Microsoft unveiled the console's new logo as well. Rendered in 3-D, the metallic X holds an eyelike depression in the center. Never a company to let a chance at self-promotion slip past, the phrase "Powered by DirectX" can be seen through the center of the "pupil."

Microsoft executives expressed a great deal of excitement about the Xbox's position in the race to have the best next-generation system. "The best game developers are flocking to Xbox earlier and in greater numbers than they have with any previous gaming system," said Robbie Bach, Microsoft's chief Xbox officer. He went on to say that "If gamers think Xbox couldn't get any more exciting, they better hold on. We have several additional announcements in the works...Gamers haven't seen anything yet."

While very few release details have been offered, Microsoft claims that the Xbox will be on the shelves in fall 2001, at a "competitive" price yet to be determined.

by Bill Johnson    
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