Final Fantasy IX Delayed in Europe

Square has announced that the European release of the latest Final Fantasy installment will not follow immediately on the coattails of its American release, but will instead hit the shelves in early 2001. Smart money is that the extra development time will go toward fine-tuning the translations for the larger European markets, but Square has not offered an official explanation for the delay. Newly depressed European gamers looking for scraps are advised to scope out RPGamer's Final Fantasy IX coverage to help sate their appetites. Vivi and company are still slated to postpone American social lives everywhere starting November 14, 2000.

In current events, Square Europe is presently in the midst of an exclusive, continent-spanning promotional tour. Square Europe claims to offer glimpses at upcoming Square projects; for the first time, Europeans are getting a first-hand look at The Bouncer, Square's upcoming Playstation 2 title. Featuring character designs by Tetsuya Nomura, of Final Fantasy and Parasite Eve fame, and high-powered visual effects, The Bouncer is currently set to ship in late 2000. In addition, Square is showing Final Fantasy IX, and providing information about their forthcoming PlayOnline gaming network. The invitation-only tour will be continuing through October 10.

by Bill Johnson    
Source: [GameSpot]
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