New Color Handheld

Bandai recently unveiled the Wonderswan Color, basically a color upgrade to the current Wonderswan with enhanced graphical abilities and an almost identical case design. The LCD screen will now be 2.9 square inches and can display up to 241 colors simultaneously. The case is slightly larger to accommodate the size of the new screen, but almost everything else has remained unchanged.

From a technical standpoint, the Wonderswan Color exceeds the power of the Gameboy Color, but pales in comparison to the upcoming Gameboy Advance. However, the new Wonderswan has something that neither of the two Nintendo handhelds have: Square games confirmed in development. A version of Final Fantasy I is in the works for launch, with Final Fantasy II and III both expected to be released sometime in 2001.

The system is backwards compatible with previous Wonderswan titles, and will retail for around 7,000 yen. A North American release is still up in the air, but the chances are slim considering the Gameboy's continued dominance and the fact that the original never made it here. Nevertheless, import gamers should look forward to the system's release in late December.

by Dan Fox    
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