Chrono Cross Released

A "social life" can be described as the time one spends with other people, with their peers. Developing social relationships with friends, family, and significant others is a key part of human development and is usually acknowledged as exceptionally important for proper emotional growth.

This will now change. As of today, August 16th, RPGamers will have precious little need for a social life, let alone further human development. The reason: Chrono Cross is available for purchase as of today. Yes, the time has come to empty wallets and begin life as a hermit for gamers across North America. Friends? Relatives? A love life? Bah! RPGamers have been waiting for Chrono Cross for five long years, ever since the release of Chrono Trigger on the Super Nintendo.

For those RPGamers who have been hiding under boulders for the past few years, here's a very brief breakdown of Chrono Cross: billed as a sequel to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross features a young man named Serge as its protagonist. While venturing through a dungeon in the very beginning of the game, Serge encounters the game's second main character, Kid. And of course, an epic adventure ensues, one where Serge meets over forty interesting characters. For more detailed information, check out RPGamer's preview.

Canadian RPGamers can also share in the rejoicing. Despite problems shipping Legend of Mana and Vagrant Story, Square has stated that Chrono Cross will be released on August 16th, just as in the United States. Future Square titles shall also be shipped on time in Canada. The only possible snag in the future is if British Columbia decides that it wants a new rating system, separate from the ESRB. This will not affect Chrono Cross, though.

The question now becomes: what are you waiting for? The game is out. Go down to your favorite gaming store and buy it! Hesitant to buy it? Don't forget to stay tuned to RPGamer for the forthcoming review!

by Christopher Koeppel    
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