Ogre Battle 64 to Ship in Limited Supply

We have some interesting news for all you kiddies waiting for your very own copy of Ogre Battle 64. It seems that Atlus has decided to ship the title with fifteen to twenty percent fewer copies than expected, due to problems with the manufacturer of the ROM chip the game data resides on. The impact of this significant reduction could lead to a difficulty locating copies of the strategy RPG title.

While Atlus has refused to comment on the the situation, they did leave one little bit of info for fans to chew on. It seems that the secondary shipment of Ogre Battle 64 carts will be departing early to mid December. This would mean that if you plan on getting your own copy anytime soon, you would likely need to pre-order one for the highest chance of success. More details as they develop.

by Jeff Hagadorn    
Source: [GameSpot]
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