RPGamer Takes a Look at Orphen

Many people who plan on getting a PlayStation 2 are likely looking for a good RPG to match, and Activision is aiming to please with Orphen. Titled Orphen: Sorceress Stabber in Japan, the game does not look to be a traditional RPG, but more of an action oriented setup similar to Evergrace. The graphics, while nice, are nothing to gawk at, but the quality may be stepped up a bit in the final version of the game as the quirks and rough spots are smoothed over. The game has been confirmed as a DVD title, which allows the option of voice-overs as the main type of communication rather than the traditional text-based dialogue.

The story follows the tale of a dark sorcerer by the name of Orphen, who is trying to get to another country by ship. However, he takes the wrong ship and ends up running into two new friends. The player will choose one of the three characters, then complete their storyline. After one is finished, the setting reverts back to the ship where a second storyline is initiated. After the second quest comes to a close, the third begins. After the three storylines are completed, they come together for the final events of the game. Orphen has been confirmed for a first quarter 2001 release on the western front.

by Jeff Hagadorn    
Source: [IGN]
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