Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete Pushed Back

Working Designs announced yesterday that the upcoming Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete will be delayed until at least November. The game has been undergoing massive renovations, including fixing the screen "tearing" and the occasional music slowdown present in the recently released Lunar 2 Demo. Working Designs explains that the scope of the low-level changes required to fix these problems will require extensive bug testing to ensure that the final Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete product is the very best that it can be.

Working Designs has also implemented scads of new of features and improvements to the game. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete now supports 30 saves on a single memory card. The game now color-codes all enemies for spell and weapon effectiveness in battle. Audio events not in the Japanese remix have been put back in, and FMV movie compression has been further optimized.

Working Designs also announced that three-page Lunar 2 ads are being published starting this month in select magazines. Additionally, samples of Lucia's Pendant (the one that will be part of the Lunar 2 pack-in goodies) will be available for inspection at participating software and electronics chains. Working Designs also revealed plans to take the Lunar 2 mascot, Borgan, on tour. Participating stores with the highest numbers of pre-orders will get the opportunity to have a Lunar 2 day, with prizes, contests, and the guy in the Borgan suit on-hand for meet-and-greets and photo ops with fans.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete will come with the customary Working Designs pack-in goodies, and is being given the same attention-to-detail treatment that Working Designs gave Lunar: Silver Star Story Compete. Working Designs is known for their high quality translations and localizations, and for having games that go to 11. The Lunar 2 demo is available as a pack-in with Working Designs' latest: Vanguard Bandits.

by Gabe Wollenburg    


Editor: Hey, Gabe, you should plug our Vanguard Bandits Contest, since you mentioned that game at then end of your story.

Gabe: You mean the one where people can win all kinds of cool stuff, including a Sony MC-P10 Mp3 Clip Music Player or Vanguard Bandits strategy guides and posters?

Editor: Yeah. That's the one.

Gabe: I don't think I'll be compromising my Journalistic integrity that way, thank you very much.

Editor: If you don't, I'll fire you.

Gabe: Check out our exciting Vanguard Bandits Contest, and be sure to enter! You could be the winner!


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