Grandia Planned for Game Boy Color

In anticipation of Nintendo's Japanese Spaceworld tradeshow, Hudson announced yesterday that it intends to exhibit a portable incarnation of the massively popular RPG franchise, Grandia. Tentatively subtitled "Grandia: Parallel Trippers," it is unknown whether this RPG for the Game Boy Color will be a port of the popular Saturn/PlayStation game, or a unique game unto itself.

Many consider Grandia to be the elite PlayStation and Saturn RPG, featuring character development unparalleled by most other games, a unique fighting engine, and an epic and moving story. If the Game Boy Color hardware is up to it, portable RPGamers could be in for a real treat when this title comes to fruition.

Spaceworld runs from August 25-27 in Japan. RPGamer news will bring you more information as it comes to light. Sit! Stay!

by Gabe Wollenburg    
Source: [IGN]
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