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In a world of countless Tomb Raider clones, a flood of movie- and cartoon-licensed games not worth the CD or cartridge they're printed on, yearly sports titles that don't seem to get any better, and the current plethora of monster-training games, originality in video games has become a rare sight indeed. Even the once-barren RPG market has become saturated with too many titles that just don't offer anything new. Game Boy Color developer Team XKalibur is working to break this stagnant mold, but they need your help.

Last month, RPGamer brought gamers a first look at Team XKalibur's Mythri, a unique anime-style RPG for the Game Boy Color. The game certainly has a lot going for it, and would be a great addition to the rather bland Game Boy Color RPG selection. Unfortunately, as we reported earlier, the game is still without a publisher. According to Team XKalibur's website,, "Some of today's publishers believe that in order to be successful, a game needs to be based on a popular franchise, a cookie-cutter 'me-too' title, or involve catching tiny monsters."

In response to this, Team XKalibur has created an online petition to help convince publishers that Mythri would be a worthwhile investment. As RPGamers, you can help Team XKalibur out and prove that there is a demand for Game Boy Color RPGs. Read about Mythri, take a look at some screenshots and character art, and listen to some music samples. If you like what you see, and you think you might be interested in purchasing this fantastic-looking title, head on over to Team XKalibur's website and sign their petition.

RPGamer would like to urge each and every one of our readers to sign Team XKalibur's petition. Mythri has so much potential, and it would be an absolute shame if the game never saw a release. The fate of Mythri may very well lie in your hands -- make your voices heard!

by Andrew P. Bilyk    
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