Persona 2 Shaping up for American Release

Atlus USA has put its Persona 2: Eternal Punishment announcement online, giving RPGamer the opportunity to review some of the game's key features. The sequel to Persona, Persona 2 was met with critical acclaim in Japan, and Atlas announced during E3 that they will be localizing the game for release in America.

In the Persona series, gamers communicate with the enemies they encounter in order to obtain useful items and/or information. In Persona 2, up to three characters can be selected to speak with the enemy during an encounter.

Major changes have been made to the battle system since the first game. The new "Free" battle system allows the characters to move about the playing field, affording gamers the luxury to concentrate on battle strategy without having to worry about character positioning.

As in the first game, the characters can call upon spirits known as "Persona" to aid them in battle. This time, by casting certain Personas in a particular order, players can combine them to increase their destructive potential.

Persona 2 also features an innovative technique of generating replay value. The game utilizes a unique "Rumor System" that allows gamers to spread rumors during conversations with other characters. Spreading rumors will change the story and make the impossible happen, allowing gamers to explore many facets of the storyline.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment will feature over 40 hours of dark twisted game play. Altus USA will be launching a Persona 2 website in the coming weeks, RPGamer News will, without fail, keep you up to date.

by Gabe Wollenburg    
Source: [Atlus]
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