Interplay Releases Icewind Dale Patch

Listen up, Icewind Dale players; Interplay has a treat in store for you! As always, the folks who developed the game have been hard at work looking for bugs in their product, and have created a patch to iron the kinks out. This patch is approximately 3.2 Megabytes, and implements the following fixes, which have been taken from Interplay's FAQ:

  • Removed a bad item from random treasure available in Dragon's Eye.
  • Fixed THAC0 reduction effect on the Amulet of Corellon Larethian.
  • Fixed magic resistance effect on the Shadowed Robe.
  • Fixed a problem with Nym not giving a dagger to the party.
  • Fixed an alignment problem with the +4 Life Defender.
  • Fixed a problem with spells being removed when unequipping the Sanctified Warhammer.
  • The various badges will now not decay when dropped.
  • Lonesome Road and other CON-raising items will no longer give a healing side effect when unequipped and then re-equipped.
  • Cheats have been readded to the game.
  • Fixed the Ettins that don't respond in Dorn's Deep when attacked.
  • Fixed some display problems during the final conflict and end game.
  • Fixed a potential crash when killing Frost Giants.
  • Potential fix for a rare problem with small, unpassable areas left when monsters are killed.
  • Fix for doors not appearing the same on different machines during multiplayer games.
  • Greatly improved framerate of static steam animations.
  • Adjusted location of Yxunomei when leaving the level, resting, and coming back.
  • The shadow in Lysan's area will no longer lock the party in a cutscene mode. The shadow previously could have trouble pathing to the party.
  • On some systems, selecting the "Female Fighter I" sound set would not play the sounds in the game. This has been corrected.
  • Modification made to rest code for fatigue.
  • Synchronized clock between saved games and current game time.
  • Fixed captive villagers "attacking" the party in Dragon's Eye.
  • Fixed a blank dialog node with Mother Eugenia.
  • Fixed a problem with the Undead Lieutenant in Dragon's Eye locking the party in cutscene mode.
  • Fixed Orrick the Gray's dialog problem when returning the Book of Mythal Theory.
  • Fixed a problem with a quest related to Kerish.
  • Fixed a minor problem with Therik's dialog.
  • Fixed a potential swap on the icon for Emotion: Hopelessness.
  • Fixed problem with priest spell Cloak of Fear: In some cases, it would not go away after death.
  • Fixed problem with wizard spell Identify: Conjurers were not able to memorize or write the spell.
  • Fixed a problem when casting Raise Dead on creatures that aren't dead, or on undead that cannot be raised.
  • Fixed a potential crash bug with Purge Invisibility.
  • Bards with the Identify spell memorized can now use it to identify items in the GUI.
  • Creatures killed within the effect of Death Fog now yield experience points.

The most current patch version as of this writing is 1.05. More information on this patch can be found by consulting the FAQ. Icewind Dale is a dungeon crawler that utilizes the same engine as Baldur's Gate, which RPGamer recommends purchasing if you don't already have it. If interested, buy it direct from Interplay. Stay tuned to RPGamer for more updates and bugfixes as they come!

by Jeff Hagadorn    
Source: [Interplay]
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