Nintendo Release Date Switcheroo: Zelda Set Earlier

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask will be in gamers' sweet, soft little palms well before originally anticipated. Nintendo is pulling their last ace out of the hole by moving the next Zelda title's release date up to October 26.

If that date seems familiar, that's because it's also the same date that the PlayStation2 will launch in America. While it's fun to compare dates, it is important to realize that this little tid-bit is relatively meaningless. While certainly not a coincidence, it's naive to think that Majora's Mask will take much away from Sony's launch hype.

Nintendo also confirmed several other highly anticipated release dates. For the Game Boy Color, Nintendo confirmed the dates for Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, both of which will be released on October 15. On the Nintendo 64 front, you can still expect to see Paper Mario, Nintendo's so-called "sequel" to Super Mario RPG on December 26.

Keep up with the release date shuffle! RPGamer News will be sure to keep your need for accurate, latebreaking release dates satisfied.

by Gabe Wollenburg    
Source: [FGN Online]
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