New Import Details Regarding Skies of Arcadia

New information on Skies of Arcadia's (still known in Japan as Eternal Arcadia) Japanese limited edition packaging has surfaced, and it looks as though Sega is not setting us up for a disappointment. Importers rejoice, as your ¥9800 (approximately $95) will be well spent. The pack-ins included with the game are as follows:

  • Skull Bracelet - This bracelet contains the insignia of the Sky Pirates, set in a leather strap.
  • Sky Pirate Bandanna - a real-life rendition of an in-game item
  • Visual Collection Book - A collection of conceptual designs and illustrations
  • Mascot Strap - A strap based on the Cupil that resides with Fina.

Skies of Arcadia's Japanese release draws near, so look for the game on September 14 at your local importer. Called Eternal Arcadia Limited Box in Japan, the limited edition of the game looks to be matched in packaging and promotional goodies only by Working Design's Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. If you import Dreamcast games and love fanboy trinkets, then this title is a must-buy. Check RPGamer in the near future for more details on Sega's latest tribute to their fans.

by Jeff Hagadorn    
Source: [IGN]
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