New Chrono Cross Promotion Announced

Squaresoft has become even more popular for its promotional premiums and packaged-in bonus items for its Japanese fans. Only recently has Square decided to give North American gamers an opportunity to get these goodies without having to import the swag-filled Japanese versions. Throughout the summer, those who have preordered the North American versions of Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate, and Chrono Cross have received a corresponding limited-edition soundtrack sampler. This has been part of Square's "Summer of Adventure" North American promotion. The give-away goodness does not end with soundtracks, though. Fans of Chrono Cross will get another limited-edition trinket with purchase of the game.

Previously available only in Japan, Square is planning on giving away a Chrono Cross battery-powered desk clock with purchase of the game at participating retailers. There is no word yet as to which retailers plan on participating with this promotion, but as Chrono Cross's release date, August 15th, draws ever closer, expect an official announcement soon. Although no numbers have been mentioned yet, Square warns that supplies are very limited, so if you want to be amongst the lucky gamers to get this item, be sure to grab it quick when it becomes available.

Most interesting is the news that consumer reaction to this promotion will play a big part in whether or not future promotions will make it to North American shores. This being the case, make sure to snap up these clocks as soon as they are available to better ensure that North American gamers get an opportunity to cash in on future promotions!

by Christopher Koeppel    
Source: [Daily Radar]
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