Square Millennium Collection 2 Revealed

Front Mission 3, Ehrgeiz, and Legend of Mana are the latest games to join Square's Millennium Collection in Japan, this time under the series name of "Millenium Collection 2." In addition to the actual CD-ROM, each game will be packaged with goodies that are sure to keep importers happy. Front Mission 3 will come with a wallet, a key chain, and a Mag-Lite flashlight. Ehrgeiz will come with action figures and an accompanying diorama set. Legend of Mana will include two miniature figurines and a music box.

This is the second series in the collection, with the first series consisting of rereleases of Brave Fencer Musashi, Final Fantasy Tactics, SaGa Frontier, and SaGa Frontier 2. In starting the Millenium Collection tradition, the first series also featured some nifty swag accompanying each game. Brave Fencer Musashi includes a set of ten postcards, a combination camera/cell-phone case, a Minku handy strap, and a set of five Minku fobs that you can hang from the case. Final Fantasy Tactics comes with a ceramic analog clock and a deck of playing cards featuring characters from the game. SaGa Frontier comes with a T-shirt and individual cup and saucer sets. SaGa Frontier 2 is packed with the same type of swag as in SaGa Frontier, but the items differ in appearance.

Square Millennium Collection 2 is scheduled for release in Japan this September. Each game is budget-priced at ¥3800, or approximately $35 US. There is no word yet as to whether a Squaresoft rerelease promotion similar to Millennium Collection will make it to North America.

by Christopher Koeppel    
Sources: [GameSpot, IGN]
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