Maxfive Announces Hoshigami's Japanese Release

Do you love Tactics Ogre? Does thinking about Final Fantasy Tactics make you tingle with joy? Do you crave another dose of that style of Tactical RPG delight? Well, Maxfive, along with the same team who delivered these two smash titles, has followed up with some strategy gaming goodness in the form of Hoshigami. The game has finally been confirmed for Japanese release after countless delays and setbacks, and the import can be yours for 4800 yen (about $45) on September 28.

Hoshigami carries a medieval backdrop with a cast of over 300 characters. The story is centered around the discovery of an ancient city known as "Hoshigami," where the player takes control of a man named "Fazz," and carries forth from that point. The battle system is reported to utilize a combo system similar to Super Mario RPG. If the player hits the attack button at the correct time, extra points of damage will be added on to the blow. Look for more details on this extremely promising strategy RPG shortly.

by Jeff Hagadorn    
Source: [Magicbox]
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