Surprise "Tales" Title Announced

The Tales series of RPGs by Namco has had a cult following since its North American debut with Tales of Destiny. While its next PlayStation title, Tales of Eternia, is in the works, Namco has been developing yet another Tales game secretly.

News has just seeped out that the latest Tales title will not be released on a next-generation console, but in fact on the GameBoy Color. Roughly translated as Tales of Phantasia - Similar Dungeon, this dungeon-exploring RPG has been set a November release for Japan.

The game will feature a "costume-change" system, whereby characters will power up by acquiring over one hundred costumes including "samurai," "healer," "future warrior," and "hunter." The character design is by Kousuke Fujishima.

At present, a North American release is unknown. Whether this title will be faithful to the series' gameplay is as yet uncertain, but the idea of a handheld Tales game is sure to please devoted fans of the series.

by Sachi Coxon    
Source: [Minaduki]
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