New RPG Announced for Dreamcast

Japan's latest issue of Dreamcast Magazine gives details on a new RPG being developed for the Dreamcast. Although the name is slightly unclear at this point, IGN roughly translates it as "Toriko Roll Crisis."

Developed by Victor Interactive Software, Toriko Roll Crisis is an adventure fantasy-RPG focusing on three heroines that you switch between throughout the game. The interesting aspect of the title is something roughly translated as the "My House" system. This system allows the player to observe the surroundings of the characters over time. An example of this is to view the character's home and watch it change over the course of the game.

With a price tag set at ¥5800, Toriko Roll Crisis is set for a November release date in Japan. There is no word yet on an American release date. You can count on RPGamer to bring you the latest news on this intriguing title as it develops!

by Christopher Koeppel    
Source: [IGN]
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