Rune Jade Delayed in Japan

Rune Jade for the Dreamcast will not be coming out in Japan on July 27, contrary to previous expectations. The game's developer, Hudson, announced today that due to a delay necessitated by several final adjustments, the game's release has been pushed back. 

The game is a hack-and-slash internet enabled multiplayer RPG from the creators of Elemental Gimmick Gear. Players will begin Rune Jade by selecting their character's gender, and then choosing from one of the four professions - knight, rune master, grappler, or ninja.

One aspect of the game will be concerned with collecting "jades," ancient artifacts that grant their possessors special powers, hence the title. Rune Jade has not been announced for North American release, but if the title sees success in Japan, the game may possibly find a way to our shores.

by Gabe Wollenburg    
Source: [GameSpot]
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