Working Chocobo's Japanese Release Date Announced

Square has finally officially announced the Japanese release date of Working Chocobo, their "cultivation simulation" title for Bandai's hand-held Wonderswan system. Developed by the same team that produced the SaGa series, Working Chocobo has been scheduled for Japanese release on September 21. Since Bandai has not yet announced plans to bring the Wonderswan to North America, the release of this title on our shores looks unlikely.

Working Chocobo is somewhat of a mixture between Lemmings and Harvest Moon 64, where the player must use chocobos to work and develop wastelands into inhabitable farmspace. Different chocobo types are used for different tasks, which range from mining to actually farming the land. Since the different styles of chocobos each have strengths and weaknesses, one must use strategy to make sure their farm wins out over their opponent's in terms of productivity. Stay tuned to RPGamer for more details regarding this promising handheld title as they arise.

By Jeff Hagadorn    
Source: [Magicbox]
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