An Import-Friendly Final Fantasy IX

Importers, rejoice! Square has not enabled Sony's software lockout for the Japanese version of its recently released four-disc masterpiece, Final Fantasy IX. For the uninformed, this means that owners of modified PlayStation consoles can play the Japanese version of the game without resorting to using a Gameshark as a work-around to the lockout.

This news comes as something of a surprise, considering the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VIII was equipped with the anti-mod lockout. Why Square elected not to use the lockout for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy IX is a still a mystery to the press.

For those interested in importing this fine game, the Japanese price is ¥7800, roughly translated as $73 US. Import game stores are selling the game for anything from $74 - $85. Considering that the import price is almost even with the price Japanese consumers are paying off the shelf, importers are getting a good deal.

To get the novice importer started, try these links to different stores:

Tronix Web
Video Game Depot
The Rage

Considering this new revelation and the fact that Square's North American titles have all lacked mod protection, the North American version of Final Fantasy IX will most likely arrive mod-chip friendly this November. Stay tuned to RPGamer for all further details on Square's newest Final Fantasy!

by Christopher Koeppel    
Source: [IGN]
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