Atlus Rereleases Two Classic Games

Atlus, the publisher of such titles as Ogre Battle, Thousand Arms, and Rhapsody, has recently announced the rereleasal of two of their lesser known titles. Kartia and Persona are both being put back on the shelves at a suggested price of twenty dollars.

Kartia is a tactical RPG with two intertwining plotlines and character designs by Yoshitaka Amano. Players create their own weapons, armor, creatures, and spells all with the same pool of resources. It's also one of the few Tactical RPGs with a two player feature.

Persona features a modern setting, and a very philosphical plot. It is one of the few games that grants the ability to speak to monsters, and also contains some interesting game mechanics.

Both of these games can now be obtained for a combined $40. While competion for many RPGamers' money is fierce right now, if you find yourself with some spare change, these classics are a good deal.

by Jake Alley   
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