Square Bans Final Fantasy IX Walkthroughs?

According to Japan's Mainichi Newspaper, Square announced that it would forbid the publications of guides for its upcoming Final Fantasy IX. Square stated that for once gamers should attempt to play games without the help of walkthroughs. Following in the vein of the latest Final Fantasy being "old-school", Square wished it to be a great experience to gamers, without the spoiling effect of FAQs and such. It is indeed true that Square has managed to steer away from releasing much story information, this close to the release of the game. Perhaps this is another way for Square to let players truly enjoy Final Fantasy IX.

Square would also gain the cooperation of Internet websites with walkthrough information, asking webmasters to stop publishing them online. Whether this will truly take place is unknown, as the enormity of the task is unimaginable. Moreover, how it will control non-Japanese websites is also as yet unclear.

However, now that more news has been released, it seems as though Square is slightly loosening its rules against publishing walkthroughs. It has said that DigiCube will release a guide, all be it after gamers have experienced the game long enough. Also, Square has put the problem of websites aside for the time being.

It will be interesting how Square's attempt to ban walkthroughs will turn out. Square's dream for Final Fantasy IX being the greatest experience is understandable but this writer is curious as to whether Square can even pull this off.

by Sachi Coxon   
Source: [Mainichi Newspaper , G-Next ]
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