Ultima Online 2

    From the same people who brought you every game in the Ultima series, including one of the first successful PSWs to hit game shelves years ago, comes the next big thing in the online RPG world - Ultima Online 2 (UO2). It promises to "push the boundaries of traditional fantasy". As before, people from around the globe will be able to unite in an online world, controlling an avatar. You can form parties for adventure, become a merchant, learn arcane arts, or any variety of destinies you choose for your character. There will be 3 distinct player character races, and many different classes to choose from. The major difference that has been pinpointed by Origin is UO2 will be 3-D, while UO is 2-D (UO will continue to be updated and maintained as well). This means competition for EverQuest, which currently has dominion over the 3-D PSW market. As we await further details you can check out Ultima Online 2 on the web and sign up for their mailing list.

by Zac Gochenour    
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