Ganbare Goemon: Ghost Trip

    Konami has announced the release of a new Game Boy Color RPG; Ganbare Goemon: Ghost Trip into the Japanese market. The latest installment in the popular Ganbare Goemon series is currently looking at a release date that will coincide with the release of KCE Kobe's other Goemon game, the board game Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku for Nintendo 64.

The new title will employ the age old quest-style plot, typical of most RPGs, In Ghost Trip you, in the role of Goemon, will travel Japan in search of six mystical keys. Along the way you meet many friends and many foes who will further develop the story. There is a slightly different twist on the standard RPG gameplay. As you engage in standard turn-based battles, enemies will be encountered that Goemon can befriend and bring to his aid in battle. This system is quite similar to the one Pokemon is based on.

There are currently no plans to release this title in the US, but RPGamer will keep you posted should any news arise concerning the game.

by Virginia Herrell     
Source: IGN
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