Reisilied Revealed

    Already Konami has large and impressive lineup of titles for the Playstation 2, including Gradius III and IV, Drum Mania, Mahjong Yaroze, Jikkyou Pawafuru PuroYakyu 7 and Jikkyou World Soccer. And now another game, an RPG, has been added to this impressive list.

Konami has not made an official annoouncement regarding a release or a plot for their upcoming Reisilied, a fully 3D, turn-based RPG. We do know, however, from what was shown on Konami's constantly playing movie screen at the Tokyo Game show that graphically it is leaps and bounds beyond any Playstation RPG out there. And although plot details have yet to be announced, we can tell by the video shown that the lead is a young girl who is accompanied by a young man, along with other "casual" party members who appear to be secondary characters.

With it's cute, distinctly anime appearance, Reisilied appears to be a somewhat light-hearted game. However appearances can be decieving, so stay tuned to RPGamer for later developments.

by Virginia Herrell     
Source: IGN
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