Square at the Tokyo Game Show

    More news out of the Tokyo Game Show, this time concerning the much-anticipated sequel to Chrono Trigger, Crono Cross. Square has at last confirmed the widespread rumours concerning Chrono Cross. Namely that it does indeed take place in the same world as the original, albeit 20 years later. It has also been confirmed that Chrono Cross will feautre travel through alternate worlds or dimmensions. And like Chrono Trigger there will be numerous forks in the road which will lead to alternate game endings. Last but not least it was revealed that Chrono Cross will feature FMV cutscenes by the same team that created the FMV for FF8.

Square representatives at TGS '99 were also handing out copies of a brief plot summary which reads as follows:

"Imagine emerald seas aglow in sunshine, caressing the shores of beautiful and serene islands... there you will find Serge, a young boy who's about to be unexpectedly thrown into an alternate reality - to become a hero, lost in another world. There, he will meet a mysterious girl who goes by the name of Kid. Together they'll embark on an adventure that will surpass both space and time.

The two will travel freely between dimensions and discover that both their worlds are almost identical and yet, at the same time, vastly different. Discovering a myriad of life-forms and how their actions effect others, they will make a great number of friends. And friends they will need, because before they know it, the party gets dragged into a struggle between dragons and humans over the possession of the legendary treasure known as the "Frozen Flame."

Square has also unveiled more plot details for Parasite Eve II which will be released in the US "sometime in 2000" PE II takes place three years after the original Parasite Eve. The story begins on September 9, 2000. On this day new mitochondrial mutants appear at the Los Angeles Acropolis Tower. Aya and her FBI MIST team are once again called upon to investigate the situation.

Parasite Eve II features similar gameplay and features to the original, with a few minor differences. For one, Aya learns a wider variety of spells, and uses MP, rather than PE. The ability to dodge enemies before entering a battle is also a significant change. But the biggest change of all is the second computer-controlled character that Square has hinted about.

There is also some Final Fantasy IX news today out of TGS '99. Square has scheduled a press conference on November 23 in Yokohama, Japan to officially announce their new lineup of titles. To promote the event a movie reel was shown at TGS and as the film drew to a close a "IX" appeared briefly on-screen. The brief image adds to the rumours already flying about FFIX and most believe that Square does indeed plan to announce FFIX in Yokohama.

Finally, a few vague release dates have been announced for Dew Prism and Vagrant Story. Dew Prism is slated for US release sometime during the first quarter of 2000 and Vagrant Story is heading to the US market during the second quarter of 2000. Square's upcoming Chocobo Stallion, which is similar to Chocobo Racing, does not appear to be headed for North America anytime soon.

by Virginia Herrell     
Sources:, IGN, and RPGFan
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