TGS '99: Playstation 2/WonderSwan Compatability?

   During the Tokyo Game Show, Bandai made the announcement that it it has reached a partnership with Sony to link two of their most popular gaming systems together.  

   Bandai plans to link their portable WonderSwan system and Sony's Playstation and Playstation 2 together by use of a periphreal attachment called the WonderWave.  The WonderWave will attach to the WonderSwan and allow communication between itself and a Playstation or Playstation 2 console. It is uncertain what the link will be used for.

   Bandai's WonderSwan system is currently outselling the NeoGeo Pocket Color, despite that it is a black-and-white portable system. If the company can form clear plans as to what the link between the Playstation/Playstation 2 and WonderSwan will do, it will be, in the words of Martha Stuart, "a good thing."

   Future plans for the new periphreal and partnership are still unclear, but we at RPGamer will keep you posted on the latest as it becomes available.

by Veronica Henry    
Source: GameSpot/IGN/Magic Box
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