Import News

    In light of the Tokyo Game Show, there will be many games announced, or full details given. Because of the large amounts of possible material, we'll keep all the less popular games here, as they all deserve mention.

  • Sega has plans for a second chapter of Shen Mue, and maybe even more chapters beyond that. Yu Suzuki is currently deciding whether to include more content in the game's second chapter. Chapter one of Shenmue represents the first chapter of the story. The second chapter could contain chapter two, or chapters two through five.
  • Sunrise Interactive has released more info on their Dreamcast robot battle RPG Shunrise Heroes. There will be a large selection of characters from various Sunrise anime and manga. Robots will evolve as they gain experience, and during the 2D battles, the mothership can offer assistance. Scheduled for a Japanese release in December.

    More to come in the next few days.

by Mike Tidwell    
Source: GameSpot / MagicBox
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