TGS '99: Parasite Eve 2

    Square had one secret title left to announce for the Tokyo Game Show '99. Considering that without announcing PE2 at E3, but showing Aya Brea in their promo movie, this had to be the final title. Square had already announced their Chrono Trigger remake, Chrono Cross, Dew Prism, Chocobo Stallion, and Vagrant Story, which didn't leave many titles left to show.

    Parasite Eve 2 continues after Parasite Eve. Due to the mitochondria in Aya, she is actually younger then before. She also has radar to help avoid or track down enemies, and the field map will scroll as Aya moves. Not much else has yet been revealed about the stories, but a playable version is available at TGS meaning more is always to come.

    Parasite Eve 2 will have full Dual Shock support, and is set for release this December in Japan.

by Mike Tidwell    
Source: GameSpot / MagicBox
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