TGS '99: Dreamcast's Future Plans

    As the Dreamcast passes the 400,000 mark in sales, Sega has high hopes to break one million units sold by the end of the year, which far exceeds even Sega's expectations. As said by Peter Moore, "Our new challenge is frankly to make enough". In highlight of all this success, Sega revealed plans for future accessories, and a schedule for the online gaming, and a hopeful lineup of over 100 titles by this time next year.

    A Zip drive-like device is coming to the Dreamcast, fitting nicely under the console. Sega also mentioned a microphone, a camera, and DVD capability. The DVD add-on has already been designed, but is being held back because of the current cost of DVD technology.

    Online gaming for the Dreamcast won't be available until the second of of next year. While it was originally planned to be ready at the Dreacast's release, Sega gave no indication that this was any sort of delay. Here the the planned schedule for the internet capabilities of the Dreamcast:

  • Q4 1999: The Dreamcast Network will offer Internet chat, e-mail, and web browsing.
  • Q1-Q2 2000: Mini-games will be available online. Small board, puzzle and card games will be the majority of the lineup.
  • Q3-Q4 2000: Real games will come online. Currently 12 titles are planned to be released during this time period.

    There has still been no mention of a LAN interface for those who are moving to fast speed connections, such as DSL, or cable modems. With the growing precense of these connections, the modem is likely going to outdate itself before the online network is fully functional.

-- Mike Tidwell    
Source: GameSpot
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