PlayStation 2 RPG Listing

    With the annoucement of the PlayStation 2, Sony showed an imporessive system. Now they back it up with an even more impressive line-up. In Japan, 89 publishers have signed agreements to develop content for PlayStation2. Also, 46 North American companies and 27 European companies have already signed letters of intent.

    Quite a few titles have been announced, so here is a rundown of all the RPGs currently known for the PlayStation 2:

  • Exotica - Enix
  • Sonnette - Enix
  • Star Ocean 3 - Enix
  • Eternal Ring - From Software
  • Jade Cocoon 2: Story of the Tamamayu - Genki
  • Soldnerschild 2 - KOEI
  • World Neverland 3 - Riverhillsoft
  • Boku To Maoh (The King And I) - SCEI
  • Dark Cloud - SCEI
  • Popolocrois 3 - SCEI
  • The Bouncer - Square / Dream Factory
  • Panzer Century G Breaker

    Look for information on these titles, and many more as the Tokyo Game Show kicks off on the 17th. RPGamer will bring you the latest as it becomes availible.

by Mike Tidwell    
Sources: Gaming-Age / GameFan
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