PlayStation 2 Revealed

    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. announced their next generation console this morning. While carrying the unimpressive name of PlayStation 2, that is about the only aspect that is unimpressive. Sony's has piled on an amazing amount of hardware, and the PlayStation2 has been designed for CD and DVD movies, music and games to form a new world of computer entertainment.

Technical Stats:
  • CPU: 128bit "Emotion EngineTM" @ 294.912 Mhz
  • Memory: 32 MB Direct RDRAM
  • Graphics: "Graphics Synthesizer" @ 147.456 Mhz, 4MB VRAM
  • Sound: SPU2, 48 channels plus software, 2 MB memory
  • I/O processor: PlayStation CPU+ @ 33.8688 Mhz or 36.864 Mhz (selectable), 2MB memory
  • Dimensions: 12"x7"x3" (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 4 lbs 10oz
  • Media: PSX2 CD-ROM (24x), PSX CD-ROM, DVD-ROM (4x)
  • Supports: Audio CD, DVD-Video
  • Accessories: Dual Shock 2 analog controller, memory card, and demo disc
  • Interfaces: 2 controller ports, 2 memory slots, 2 USB ports, optical digital output, i.Link (IEEE1394), and one Type III PCMCIA card slot

    Sony also announced two enhanced accessories, the Dual Shock 2, and the new memory cards. The Dual Shock 2, with the exception of START and SELECT, will be completely analog, for even greater control. The Dual Shock 2 will sell for 3,500 yen ($32.95 US). The memory card, while not growing in physical size, grew internally to 8 megabytes and a speed increase of over 250 times. The memory cards will also sell for 3,500 yen ($32.95 US).

    Sony also has plans to develop an electronic transaction system to support e-distribution. With this, RPGamers around the world will be able to purchase and download games digitally over a network to the internet. Sony will release network card modules, and hard disc drives for sale in 2001. No price for either item was mentioned.

    Sony will launch the console in Japan on 03.04.2000, with hopes of selling 1 million initial units. Unfortunately, all of this hardware isn't cheap. The suggested retail price will be 39,800 yen ($370 US). Sony also announced a release time frame for North America and Europe of fall 2000.

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by Mike Tidwell    
Sources: Gaming-Age / FGNOnline
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