Information about Alundra 2

    As previously reported, Sony is working on a second Alundra game, called Alundra 2: Mysteries of Evil Evolution. Alundra 2 brings backs many of the aspects that made Alundra such a hit -- action, puzzles, fantasy, and love, plus new additions like a 3D graphics, and a skill system. The hero will earn new abilities by completing certain tasks.

    There will be three main characters, Firi Hand, Aisya Shaba, and Tetu. Firi Hand is the here of the game. His parents were lost at sea. His goal in life is to stop the pirates from ravenging the seas. This will bring Firi and Tetu in direct conflict, as Tetu is the head pirate. Shaba is a royal princess, but is searching for her father, the King of Vanilla.

    Alundra 2 is currently scheduled for Japanese release during November. Be sure to check out the promo movie, and keep reading RPGamer for the latest.

by Mike Tidwell    
Source: [MagicBox]
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