Pokémon Releases Spanning the Globe

    More information about Pokémon Gold/Silver has been released. The first feature mentioned is an "online help system", where the trainer will be able to ask for help on a variety of subjects, even during a battle. Pokémon will also be able to equip items to use during battle. Last, but not least, more information about the Pokémon eggs. The trainer will have to carry them around to make them hatch, but they will take up spaces of availible Pokémon for battle. Pokémon Gold/Silver will be released in Japan 11.21.1999, and a U.S. release sometime next year.

    Nintendo of Japan will release a new Pokémon game before the release of Pokémon Gold/Silver. Named Pokémon Blue, it is not the same Blue as the U.S. recieved, as Pokémon locations and rarity will be altered. Currently, Japan has Green, Yellow, and Red. Blue will be availlible in Japan 10.10.1999, and can only be ordered through the mail.

    Nintendo plans to release Pokémon Red/Blue in Europe on 10.01.1999. One major change from the U.S. version is some areas will be in partial color for those using a Game Boy Color.

by Mike Tidwell    
Source: [MagicBox]
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