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    Sony's latest RPG, Legend of Dragoon, has quickly become a game to watch, with graphics to rival anything currently released. The title will have over 30 minutes of high quality CG, as well as realistic weather changes, lighting effects, and highly detailed character animation and emotions. The story will center around the Tree of God, in a world of swords and magic. Here are the latest character details for Legend of Dragoon.

    The main characters will be Dart, and Shana. Dart is a sword fighter with a sense of justice. His journey is to find the assassin of his parents. Shana is an archer. She is also kind and considerate. Other characters include Rosie, a mysterious and beautfiful woman, and a Cape Man, a commander of a battle troop that Dart will meet as a foe in his adventure.

    Legend of Dragoon is slated for a release in December 1999 in Japan. No mention of a U.S. release at this time.

by Mike Tidwell    
Source: [MagicBox]
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