Dew Prism: Plot Details

    As larger Square titles, such as Final Fantasy VIII, and Chrono Cross, steal the spotlight, one must not forget about Dew Prism. Fortunately, some details have trickled out.

    In Dew Prism, there are two main characters, Rue and Mint. Both having their own story, but meeting each other throughout a world of magic and miracle. Rue searches for the ultimate herb that will revive his parents. Rue has the ability to transform into different beasts during battles, as well as wield his Arc Edge. Mint is of royal blood, but needs the Dew Prism to succeed to the throne. She uses her iron ring, and multiple magic spells for battle.

    Dew Prism is set for a Japanese release during October 1999, for 5,800 yen, and a slated U.S. release next year.

by Mike Tidwell    
Source: [MagicBox]
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