Front Mission 3 Info

    Square has set September 2nd as the launch date for Front Mission 3 in Japan. As for the game itself, it's a strategy RPG with two stories and over 100 missions. Combat is turn based and can consist of either foot soldiers or giant mechs called warzers. Cutscenes are liberally sprinkled throughout the story and gameplay has been smoothed out a great deal by lowering load times.

    Warzers are also fairly unique. Each enemy mech has special abilities which you can acquire through a couple of methods. Either damage it until the pilot evacuates, or destroy the commander and watch the rest of them surrender. The aftereffects of combat can be detrimental to your soldiers as well. Loss of spirit and confusion are quite possible after a particularly difficult fight. Occasionally your soldiers may become so disheartened that they'll surrender to the enemy.

    FM3 is going to be another successful installment of the Front Mission line without a doubt.

by Hunter Wilcox    
Source: [Magic Box]
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