Plot Details on Two Zelda Titles

    As Nintendo's Space World Show approaches, more details about games showing there keep slipping out. Although Zelda Gaiden will be officially unveiled at the show, plot and screens have been releaed by the press over a week in advance. Here is a summary of what is known about the two next Zelda games:

    Zelda Gaiden will be a few months after Ocarina of Time. Hyrule is peaceful and rebuilding after Ganondorf's reign. Link returns to the Kokiri Forest until one day, he meets a strange man named Stalkid. Stalkid tells Link that he has stolen Epona. Before Link can reply, Stalkid disspaered through a door leading to a new, yet familar world, a world set for destruction by its own moon. Link must stop the catastrophe in the new world, or at least return to his own world. The new gauge at the bottom of the screen is a sundial that measures the precise time of day. Passage of time may also become a factor. If Link spends too much time in the other world, the moon will impact the planet, and the game is over. Zelda Gaiden is slated for a March 2000 release in Japan.

    08.22.1999 : Shigeru Miyamoto had this to add. "We wanted to make a new game that is based on the Zelda system. Also, in the light of games that require the memory Expansion Pak like 'Donkey Kong 64,' we wanted to make a 'Zelda' game that took advantage of the Memory Pak as well. That game is Zelda Gaiden. Therefore, this will not be a game where the locations of the dungeons are simply changed around."

    Mr. Miyamoto went on to say that Zelda Gaiden is not the same title as the previously mentioned 64DD project. As for the that project, it is still in the works, since Nintendo has revived hopes of finishing the 64DD. The tentative title is Ura Zelda (Another Zelda).

    Legend of Zelda: Fishigina Kinomi (Mysterious Tree of Fruit) will be for the Game Boy Color. The game is the first of three chapters. The chapters are of the triforce -- Power, Courage, and Wisdom. Each chapter is linked in some way, meaning actions in one, may affect other. Time between the release of each chapter will be as short as possible, currently planned for two to three months apart. No official release dates have been given.

by Mike Tidwell    
Sources: [IGN and GameSpot]
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