Working Designs Comments About a Future with DreamCast

   Anyone who has been a fan of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete knows about Working Designs distaste with the attitude of Sega of America. To be specific, Bernie Stolar, COO. Earlier this week, Mr. Stolar has been released from SoA with a severance package of $5 million. Many gamers are left wondering if Working Designs would consider returning to a Sega platform.

   Victor Ireland, CEO of Working Designs stated before that Lunar 3 would come out in the U.S. only on the PlayStation 2. Now with Stolar gone, Victor has expressed interest in the Dreamcast.

"The skies have cleared and the way is now open for us to look at projects we would simply have ignored before. Dreamcast publishing is something we're certainly interested in and we'll be looking at plans for the future."
Could Lunar 3 end up on the Dreamcast afterall? Could other hit titles, like Grandia 2, become a Working Designs project? While nothing concrete has been said, these, and many more are realistic possibilities.
by Mike Tidwell    
Source: [NGO]
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