Wild Arms 2 Battle Information

    With the recent sequel of a classic RPG for the Playstation, Wild Arms, many fans and gamers have been wanting more and more glimpses into the game's features. Wild Arms 2 has smooth, crisp battles, unlike it's predecessor's deformed character system. In addition to this, the game features two systems of battles.

    The first, called Encounter Cancel, is a new feature into RPGs. Before, gamers would have to fight the weak enemies of previous areas if they returned. Now, you can avoid this. When your character is about to go into battle, a exclamation (!) mark appears over the character's head. If the exclamation mark is a white color, you can press certain buttons within three seconds to avoid the battle. The white mark means the enemy is not as powerful as you.

    The second system, the Personal Skill system, enables you to get points every time you go up a level. With these points, you can raise your skills in a variety of areas. Also with this, you can attack boss characters in certain places to stun them or disable them. However, sometimes the disablement leads to stronger attacks.

    More Wild Arms 2 and other game news as the day follows.

- Mark Jordan    

Partial Source: [Gamespot]
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