Australia and Europe to recieve Final Fantasy VIII PC.

    The bond between Eidos and Squaresoft has grown stronger with the recent announcement that Eidos will be publishing Final Fantasy VIII for the PC in Europe and Australia. Many European and Australian fans will be anxious to buy the highly anticipated game that has sold over 3.5 million copies of the console form in Japan alone. While the European and Australian rights have been added to Eidos's release list, the US rights for the PC version have not been confirmed yet.

    In last Tuesday's press release Squaresoft President and CEO, Tomoyuki Takechi stated that "Eidos' commitment to the PC version of Final Fantasy VII has been obvious, and we have no doubt that our continuing relationship with Eidos will be mutually beneficial, resulting in strong sales of the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII." Surpassing Final Fantasy VII's sales would come to no suprise. The PC port of Square's upcoming game boasts better graphics than it's console version.

    Whereas the PC port has been confirmed for the two continents, the US publisher has not been identified yet. Final Fantasy VIII comes to the US for the Playstation September 9th.

- Mark Jordan    

Partial Source: [FGNOnline]
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