Final Fantasy Movie Plot Details

    Though the plot details of the Final Fantasy Movie have been few and far between, it appears some new information has surfaced.

    Taking place in a the year 2065, the Earth in the movie is extremely technologically advanced. Somehow, it has been discovered that souls exist, with a sort of energy working behind them. Scientists can manipulate this energy. It isn't known how this will affect the plot of the movie, but it's certainly to play a big part.

    Of course, any Final Fantasy (game or not) needs some sort of world-destroying threat. In the movie, aliens have attacked Earth and it's up to Grey, an armorman (assumingly an army-like group), and his allies to get rid of the beings and save the world.

    Although that will please those anticipating the movie for now, there are still a lot of questions to be answered. The movie's estimated release is in 2001, but with a project of this size and caliber, delays seem inevitable. Let's hope Square can avoid this certain fate.

    Much thanks to Quickbeam for the tip.

- Alex Kimbel    

Source: [IGN Sci-Fi]
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