Darkages - Now Public

Nexon Inc. announces the beginning of the commercial service for Dark Ages online role-playing game ( . The software is free to download and a five-day free trial is available.

Dark Ages is an adventure in a Celtic dreamland on the border of light and darkness in an online fantasy role playing world that is filled with thousands of creatures and items, hundreds of powerful spells and unique skills. It features a society with an evolving political system, eight fully interactive religions, and a number of guilds.

In Dark Ages Nexon steps aside from conventional 3D models and brings forth an emotional anime-style graphics in a top-down isometric view. By utilizing its unique distributed server technology Nexon is able to handle an unlimited number of players adventuring in the same global world.

Online registration is obtainable at Prices for five character accounts are set at US$14.95 for one month, US$34.95 for three months, and US$59.95 for six months of unlimited game play.

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