Not just one, but seven new Zelda games!

RPGamer here to bring you tidbits Zelda info. Recently, Legend of Zelda Gaiden and a new Zelda game for the Gameboy color were announced to be shown at Nintendo's Space World '99. However, it turns out there may be more than two Zelda on showcase.

Nintendo has been working on six Legend of Zelda games for the Gameboy color and one for the Nintendo 64. here is a list of the titles so far:
  • Legend of Zelda (GBC version of the original Zelda.)
  • Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (GBC version of Zelda II.)
  • Legend of Zelda: The Mysterious Acorn (New GBC Zelda. Tenative title.)
  • Legend of Zelda Gaiden (Originally planned to be a 64DD Add-on, now is on cartridge.)
  • 3 other mysterious Zelda titles for the GBC.

Nintendo's Space World '99 is being held August 27-29. RPGamer will be bringing you the latest news from it.
by Mark Jordan      

Source: [Pocket IGN]

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