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  • The Playstation RPG, Zill O'll will finally be released on October 7th in Japan. This game features still CG backgrounds and dozens of CG movies.

  • In recent news, Ryuuichi Sakamoto was rumored to be hired by Square to do the music for Final Fantasy IX. It is reported that the new musician will be bringing back FFIX to it's original mideavil and fantasy themes. Don't begin to write Square with death threats for making Uematsu leave yet: It is just a rumor.

  • Pokémon Gold and Silver features over 250 pokémon and will have new trainers and areas. There are male and female of every pokémon and to get some, you have to cross-breed them. Also, there is a new feature for the hero with a 'wristwatch' that allows you to keep track of time and your pokédex.

  • Sources from Japan have stated that Enix has notified them of a release date for Dragon Quest VII. The game is supposedly near-completion and will be released from Novembver 18th to December 2nd. The upcoming Autumn Tokyo Game Show will most likely tell us the confirmed date.

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by Mark Jordan      

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