Arc the Lad 3 Announced, Enix Announces RPG Sequel
According to Weekly Playstation, Arc the Lad 3 will be released in Japan at fall '99. Arc the Lad 3 is reported to use a unique battle system. Where gamers can decide whether or not to do battle, whereas current RPGs randomly force you to fight. Arc the Lad 3's story takes place where Arc the Lad 2 left off, "the world was nearly destroyed." If you've played and beaten Arc the Lad 2 you can start with your saved game.

In other news Enix Announces a RPG sequel to the Super Nintendo rpg, Toruneko. The title will be called Toruneko: Js Adventure 2 for the Playstation. Little is known of the story details other than, the kingdom is being invaded by monsters. The King has asked you (Toruneko) to travel around the world and defeat the evil monsters. Toruneko: J's Adventure is being developed by Chun Soft and is slated for a Japan release on September 15, 1999.

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